Sunday, February 11, 2018


How things change...

It is February, and there is new thinking on the grill. There has been precious little to look at for sale here that would work for Saltmine. So we are retooling the search to look at Cape Cod. It seems to have more of what I need, and at more competitive prices, oddly enough. Plus, we know people there. The climate is milder, as well. Spent the last two weekends in the area, and I really like it.

I dont regret this time here. You have to experience a place to see if it wants you, and if you still want it. Test drive. Western Mass was picked on a whim. On stats and buildings and potentials based on things that needed to be verified. Nothing puts things into perspective like presence.

Right now it is gray out and raining. Temps here in Hatfield are just up in upper 30's, and all the snow on the ground is turning into flood by the rain. the neighbor's large yard to the west of us is completely under around 6 inches of water. It is coming through the basement walls of this building, which is hurting for some landscaping to make water go away from the foundation instead of toward it like it is now. From the second floor here (which is more like third floor in a house) I can see most of the fields and yards in the area, and all are lakes. Our parking lot here is more of a moat. If we leave this, I wont miss this stuff.

So, this next week will be spent on and around the Cape, looking at things...


  1. Good luck with moving. It can take time to find a place that sings out to your soul. I moved to Norway from England, and moved to the south in December. We've had the worst winter for years, but I'm hoping that spring (when it comes) and summer will make it worthwhile. I hope you find "it" in Cape Cod.

  2. I moved to Northampton from California over 20 years ago. I grew up and lived in Toronto, Canada until my mid 20's. I'm so sorry it's been a rough go here. This winter has been particularly wet, cold, and dreary. How long have you lived here? I also love the Cape, especially Truro, and I can see your attraction to the gorgeous landscape there. I've just started landscape painting after years of part-time, intermittent figure painting. It has been hard and fun trying to figure it out. I found your paintings on-line. I'd never seen your work, and I love it. I was so surprised to read that you are living right up the street from me. Your palette is beautiful and your brushwork appeals to me as someone who wants a dynamic feel to a painting. Unfortunately, I have little discipline, but I'm working on it. Best of luck in your search for a place that feels like home, it's an important one. If you would like to talk more about how I have adjusted to living in western Massachusetts, as a Canadian city girl, I'd be happy to chat. I am a teacher and my husband is a physician. We are quite normal. Also, I'm not sure if you do any teaching?

  3. I just found this blog...have always been attracted and stimulated by your paintings. Now I JUST HAVE TO KNOW what happened.....happens next.....��

  4. i would like to know when its his Birthday of Marc Bohne!!!!!!!