Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Month of April Foolishness

We are packing up to move the studio to Massachusetts as of this writing. The house goes on the market in May and I suspect we will need to be mobile by the end of the month.

Still looking into actual moving options. What we need is a storage option in central Mass., and eventually a place to rent while looking when we get there. We need a plan soon for loading into something here, that can go to there. Pods are an idea, but it is amazing how difficult it is to get a straight answer out of movers to even get an estimate. Such a game...

Been combing the area for shipping containers etc. Anvil cases, pelican cases, etc. Big things.

The last couple months have been very good. I did the Paintings of Ireland show in my studio building, and it was very good. The followup after the show closed has been even better. I am very thankful for all those who purchased paintings, the whole process of meeting people and collectors new and old has been a rich experience, one that the painter is often not a part of. The good people who came in after the show have made this move possible.

That said, I have fielded a lot of questions from collectors and collector-painters about my process and a few things come up over and over. I cannot stress enough the 'commandments of painting' from an earlier post. The tendency to overshoot is ever present, and is a trap. Have a point... have a reason for doing this, have something to say. Then say it simply. When you go outside into the landscape, try not painting. Try seeing. Then writing and sketching. Use a camera to just frame what you are looking at. You cant paint what you see without knowing something about what it is.


  1. When we moved from Springfield, Mass to Missouri 3 years ago we used MoveBuilders. They dropped off a tractor trailer and we called them when it was loaded. You can hire professional packers. It only took 3 days for our stuff to arrive in Missouri.

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