Monday, May 9, 2016


I was part of a group in a small show on Whidbey Island this last Saturday. It was nice. Brackenwood Gallery is a well done gallery in a very small place. It was interesting to spend time with the owner Jason and jaw about the perils of owning such a place and the perils of representation from my point of view. For once the conversation went two way...

Everyone's story is interesting, and everyone has one. Oddly enough, I feel more like painting during those conversations than I do when I am in the field, or in the studio. The process of deep conversation about things important to me stimulate that easily. Painting is the same.

Which brings me to the take away of this... the alpha of any 'artist' endeavor...

Have a point.

Have a reason to do whatever it is. Have a destination, an idea of where you want to end up. Start there. Don't head down this path without that... It cant be a vague compulsion, or your work will be explorations of vague compulsion. You cannot hit a target that you have not identified.

I have seen and heard the expression 'make art' and I sort of get it, but mostly it rings hollow to my sensibilities. It is a shortcut for those who have been doing it for a substantial career, but a drop off for those who have not. Art is a tool... an avenue to expression. so saying 'make tools' would be the same to me, or 'I gotta go get back on the road'.

The evolution of that sentiment might be go to the studio and, using my tools, 'make some sense'...

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